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How to Organise your Home with MacKenzie-Childs UK

As February draws to a close, there is no better time to start Spring Cleaning!

As overwhelming Spring Cleaning may seem, we have some handy tips and products that will make this arduous job less of a chore and more of a breeze! With MacKenzie-Childs UK, you won't have to sacrifice stylish storage for a more practical solution.

Our Canisters will be your best friends, their versatility means they can be used to store almost anything. Try to think outside of the box for how you can best use them. How about using a small canister in the bathroom to store cotton balls or a large canister in a child's bedroom to store colouring pencils. Our Demi and Mini canisters are perfect for storing smaller items such as cotton buds or paper clips. You could also use a Squashed Pot to store your favorite bath salts.

Our Cookie Jars can be used for more than just to store your favourite sweet treats! Why not use it in your laundry room to store your laundry detergent pods or scent boosters. You could also use a Cookie Jar in your kitchen to store your coffee pods for your morning caffeine kick! We think that a Cookie Jar as an essential part to Spring Cleaning!

Finally, have you considered using a Practical Pitcher or Utensil holder to hold freshly-cut flowers? This is our favourite storage solution as we believe it adds a fresh bright twist to any home!

We would love to see how use use your Canisters and Cookie Jars around your home, be sure to send us images of your favourite storage solutions!

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