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International Women's Week - Day 1

Updated: Mar 8, 2022

Today marks the start of International Women's Week here at MacKenzie-Childs! We are kicking off the week by speaking to one of our lovely Customer Service Advisors, Rachel, about what it means to her to work for MacKenzie Childs!

What does MacKenzie-Childs mean to you?

Mackenzie-Childs means joy and happiness to me. There is so much fun in every product and each concept is so well thought through.

What does it mean to you to be a woman working for MacKenzie-Childs?

Being a woman in this industry has given me joy in my work which is what work should be about! Mackenzie-Childs has given me the chance to express my ideas which are always listened to.

Who is an influential woman in your life?

An influential woman in my life is my life is my Grandma. She was a teacher and helped so many children reach their potential. She has always supported me and pushes me to be my best every day!

What is your favorite MacKenzie-Childs product?

My favourite product has to be the roses! All the colours are beautiful and are perfect for indoor décor!

What is your message for International Women’s Week?

My message to all women is to continue working to be your best self in each and every aspect of your life!

Let us know what how you will be celebrating International Women's Week by tagging us in your posts using #mackenziechilds_uk!

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