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Footed, fluted, and fabulous, the Courtly Check Compote holds peaches, plums, sweet buns, or anything else that deserves a place of honour in the Sunday brunch spread. Handmade of majolica and painted by the master hands of our Aurora artisans, this golden-edged compote will keep you coming back for more. A beautiful juxtaposition of ivory and onyx, our deceptively simple signature Check reveal an intricate spectrum of jewel-toned colours. Handmade, fired, glazed, fired again, hand-painted, fired again, and embellished with lustre, each piece is stamped by the artisans involved in its creation. Hand-wash with care.

Courtly Check Compote

SKU: 11491-040
Expected in 6-8 weeks
  • 12.5"" dia., 6.5"" tall, 26 oz. capacity

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