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Flour, sugar, and coffee might seem the most obvious of contents with which to fill a set of three Courtly Check Canisters, but the possibilities are endless! Keep them in the kitchen with coffee beans and tea bags, cookies and candies, or dog biscuits and birdseed or invent new uses around the house. Perfect for cotton balls and swabs in the bathroom, pens and pencils in the office, or knickknacks and doodads in the kids' room. Each enamelled steel canister is hand-painted with signature Courtly Check and topped off with a carved faux-cinnabar knob. These canisters stand handsomely alone or harmonize delightfully in a set.

Courtly Check Enamel Canister - Large

SKU: 89226-40R
  • 5"" dia., 7"" tall (9.75"" tall with lid), 64 oz. capacity

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