An ample tray for breakfast in bed, a garden party or your personal carry-out, the Courtly Check� Enamel Party Tray begs no occasion, but suits casual and formal fetes alike. The invigorating juxtaposition of woven natural rattan and Courtly Checks� will serve in style. As handy as it is handsome, this entertaining tray is perfect for year-round use and just the excuse you needed host a long-overdue get-together. With a subtle jewel-tone palette woven by an artisan�s brush through the glossy, hand-painted, high-contrast checks, we�ve yet to find a color (or food!) that doesn�t look good with Courtly Check.

Courtly Check Rattan & Enamel Party Tray

SKU: 89263
  • 19.5" wide, 25.5" long, 3" tall