Celebrate the classic Christmas carol with the charmingly quirky 12 Days collection from Patience Brewster by MacKenzie-Childs. At last, our 12 Days of Christmas full-size ornament collectors have a display designed specifically to hold all 12 ornaments with the Patience Brewster 12 Days Ornament Display Tree. Whether you are starting or completing your 12 Days collection, here is a quick way to show them all off using very little space. Ample, but flat, it makes a dramatic presentation. The silver- and gold-leafed tree can be used to display any collection in areas that do not allow a full tree. Arrives with 20 S-hooks for displaying your ornaments.

Patience Brewster 12 Days Ornament Display Tree

SKU: 31220
Colour : Gold
  • 30" wide, 54.75" tall