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In design, multipurpose can be an ugly word, but our artisans have worked hard to ensure that no form be sacrificed for function. With a bold pattern and lustre-embellished, fluted rim, our Courtly Check Medium Serving Bowl is as handsome as it is handy, whether piled high with a garden salad or filled with your trademark gazpacho. A beautiful juxtaposition of ivory and onyx, our deceptively simple signature Check reveal an intricate spectrum of jewel-toned colours. Handmade, fired, glazed, fired again, hand-painted, fired again, and embellished with lustre, each piece is stamped by the artisans involved in its creation.

Courtly Check Medium Ceramic Fluted Serving

SKU: 12761-040
Expected in 6-8 weeks
  • Diamenter 36.8cm/14.5'

    Capacity: 1.8ltrs /64 oz. 

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