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Christmas is coming!

Updated: Nov 6, 2023

The nights are closing in, and that Dancing show has started – that can only mean one thing… #Christmas_is_coming! (Whether you are ready for it or not!)

Here at MacKenzie-Childs we are already getting into the festive mood starting with our new pop up shop in #Fenwick, Kingston upon Thames. It sits in the foyer of the shop- just in front of their stunning Christmas tree. #Harrods #Christmas has opened (and the shop is looking AMAZING).

It can’t help but get us thinking of snowmen, Father Christmas and reindeer. But it is only October, lets pause and have a cup of tea before the festive madness truly begins.

I never need an excuse to reach for the kettle! And the #ParchmentCheck and #CourtlyCheck kettles (in both sizes) that are on display in Fenwick are glorious and make a stunning statement in the kitchen.

While it is the #CourtlyCheck Christmas decorations and snow globes that are on the display in #Fortnums.

#MacKenzie_Childs has a range of kettles in their eye-catching designs and patterns of #RoyalCheck, Courtly Check and the #FlowerMarket.

Fun Fact the Courtly Check pattern has been delighting MacKenzie-Childs fans for over 30 years!

Not sure you want to share your favourite tea? How about the Wildflowers High Tea set?

A cup and pot just for one is ideal for those moments when you need peace and calm and a nice cup of tea.

Fortify yourself with caffeine – Christmas is coming!

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