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Christmas Stockings

Do you hang your stocking at the end of your bed? Or on the mantel piece? Have you ever thought why we do this?

The tradition dates back to the Roman Empire and a 4th century Bishop call Nicholas of Maya- later canonized to Saint Nicholas. He was known for the work and gifts of money that he gave to the poor. The story and the legend is based on his giving a gift of gold coins or gold nuggets to a very poor family. This money was to act as a dowry for the three girls, therefore saving them from destitution.

The story continues that he threw the money down the chimney and it landed in the stockings that were drying there. Other children started hanging their stockings or putting shoes out so that they could also benefit from his generosity.

In some parts of Europe (and particularly The Netherlands) they put their shoes out on the 6th December to celebrate the Feast of St Nicholas and they are given sweets, gold coins and oranges to symbolize the gold balls.

We have this adorable stocking available this Christmas; the Jester Stocking in reds, green and Courtly Check with bells and star detailing.

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