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Delighted to be supporting CoppaFeel!

Exciting news alert! We've been keeping a little secret, but it's time to share - for every online purchase of a Rosy Check product, a donation will be made to CoppaFeel! every purchase of Rosy Check online now means a donation to CoppaFeel!  Join us in supporting this amazing cause.

Join us in supporting this incredible breast cancer charity that is dedicated to raising awareness of breast cancer amongst young people and getting everyone checking their chest. CoppaFeel! wants all young people to know the signs and symptoms of breast cancer and to go to their GP if they notice any changes to their chest. This is because when breast cancer is diagnosed early, treatments are more effective and survival rates are higher. Early detection saves lives.

Breast cancer doesn’t show any bias, anyone can be affected by it, and early detection is key to saving lives. Let's come together to make a difference and spread the message of hope and early detection for all those affected by breast cancer.

£1 from the sale of each item in the Rosy Check range will be donated to CoppaFeel! (registered charity numbers 1132366 & SC045970)'

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