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Going Back to Basics: Why we Love Enamel!

This week, we are celebrating all things enamelware by going back to basics. The first enamel products were first introduced to the Camp MacKenzie-Childs collection back in 1993 and Courtly Check was introduced in 1995 under the name “Roasted Marshmallow”. The enamelware products were inspired by outdoor living and cowboys sitting around an open fire. The enamelware collection quickly grew and is today loved by MacKenzie-Childs fans all over the world. The playful patterns are designed to mingle together to create unique collections. If you want to learn more about our enamelware products, we highly recommend reading “Celebrating MacKenzie-Childs” by Jo Anne P. Welsh.

Here at MacKenzie-Childs UK, we love the enamelware products and we believe they are an integral part of the MacKenzie-Childs collection. From the Tea Kettle to the Everything Bowl, each silhouette is unique and enchanting. Each product has been designed and created with you and your home in mind.

We decided to ask the team here at MacKenzie-Childs UK which enamelware product was their favourite, and why. We hope you enjoy reading this blog post and get some new ideas for your MacKenzie-Childs collection.

Rachel, one of our lovely Customer Services Advisors chose the Sweets Jar with Sterling Check Lid. She had this to say about the product:

“I know this isn’t strictly an enamel product (It does have an enamel lid), but I chose this product because of the practicality of the design. It is the perfect size for storing your favourite sweet treats. Another benefit of the Sweets Jar is that it is easy to see when it needs to be restocked. I chose Sterling Check as it is my favourite pattern. I love how the pattern is a modern addition to the MacKenzie-Childs collection, but it keeps the design and themes of the other checked patterns.”

Sterling Check was launched in 2022 as part of the Spring/Summer collection. Sterling Check is inspired by precious silver, its funky design makes it the perfect pattern for the modern home. It has quickly grown to become a fan favourite all around the world! If you would like to find out more about the Sterling Check Sweets Jar, click here.

Emily, another of our lovely Customer Services Advisors chose the Egg Plate in Royal Check. This is why she chose the product:

“I’m fortunate enough to have chickens at home that produce delicious eggs. Once I have collected the eggs, I love to be able to display them in my kitchen, this is why I have the Royal Check Egg Plate. The design of the plate means I can securely hold the eggs without the worry of them breaking. I chose the Royal Check as the blue hues complement both the eggs and my kitchen beautifully. I am also a massive fan of Royal Check, I love the story behind the pattern as well as the colours that feature in the checks.”

Royal Check was first introduced in 2019 as an enamelware collection to complement Courtly Check and Parchment Check. The blue hues of Royal Check are inspired by the everchanging colours of Cayuga Lake. Its clean look means it can be paired really well with the other collections from MacKenzie-Childs such as Parchment Check and Flower Market – Lapis. If you would like to find out more about the Royal Check Egg Plate, click here.

Next, we asked one of our Co-Directors, Jill, for her favourite enamel product. She chose the Courtly Check Wine Cooler, here’s why:

“I don’t like cocktails, I much prefer wine which is why I chose the Wine Cooler. The Courtly Check Wine Cooler is the perfect enamelware piece to have on hand when entertaining, it keeps bottles cool all evening. The Wine Cooler always enhances my Summer parties. I chose the Wine Cooler in Courtly Check as the colours match perfectly with my garden. I love how the colours of Courtly Check look in my outdoor entertaining space.”

The icon of MacKenzie-Childs, Courtly Check was first launched as a collection back in 1995 (although it was first featured on an Armoire in 1993). Courtly Check took off in 2005 when a selection of ceramic pieces were added to the collection. Since then, the Courtly Check has grown to feature a large range of enamelware and ceramic products. If you would like to find out more about the Wine Cooler, click here.

When we asked our Warehouse Manager Alan which enamelware piece he preferred, he chose the Flower Market White Pitcher. Here is why:

“I chose the Flower Market Pitcher in White as I think it is perfect for the Summer. I am also a keen gardener so I like to display the flowers I grow, around the house. I like to display the flowers in the pitcher as it is the right size and the pattern compliments the flowers nicely. I chose Flower Market White as I love the flowers in the pattern, how each flower has blossomed and bloomed to inspire the colours.”

First launched in 2010, Flower Market is another fan-favourite pattern. Flower Market was originally launched in White, Black, Sky and Green. Today, Sky has been replaced with Lapis. The design of Flower Market was inspired by an English Summer garden in full bloom as well as the flowers planted at the home of MacKenzie-Childs in Aurora, New York. If you would like to find out more about the Pitcher, click here.

Finally, I’m Victoria and I’m also part of our lovely Customer Services team, I also look after our Marketing. It took me a while to choose my favourite enamel product but in the end, I chose the Wildflowers Spoon Rest. This is why:

“I have always loved cooking and baking, this is why I chose the spoon rest. It is the next piece of MacKenzie-Childs I want to add to my collection. I was so excited when Wildflowers launched, I love bright and fresh flowers (I was a big fan of the pattern Morning Glory). Wildflowers is a light and refreshing collection, that I think compliments the other patterns beautifully, especially Courtly Check. I chose Wildflowers as I love the story behind the collection.”

Wildflowers is the newest pattern to be launched into the MacKenzie-Childs enamelware collection. It is inspired by vintage wallpapers, intimate spaces and your granny’s favourite China patterns. It is a fun, fresh and floral pattern that has both enamel and ceramic pieces in the collection. Wildflowers is the perfect Spring and Summer pattern. If you would like to find out more about the Spoon Rest, click here.

We would love to hear what your enamelware pieces are, let us know in the comments section of this blog. Make sure you like this blog and let us know what you want to hear about! Send us your pictures of MacKenzie-Childs to for a chance to be featured on our social media channels!

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