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Going to a wedding? Discover our most giftable products!

Since we are in wedding season, it seems only right we share our favourite gifts. Whether you're stumped over what to get the happy couple, or you want to gift them something unique, yet practical, we have the perfect options to suit everyone’s styles.

Our top pick gift for any couple has to be the Courtly Check Tea Kettle. This is especially the perfect gift if you know the happy couple doesn’t have MacKenzie-Childs. We love how versatile the kettle is as the design will go with most styles and homes. If you know the couple collects MacKenzie-Childs, Courtly Check mixes beautifully with the other enamel iconic patterns. Overall, we believe this is the most versatile piece in the MacKenzie-Childs collection, and it deserves to be in every home. Discover more about the Courtly Check Tea Kettle here.

Our second gift pick has to be the Royal Check Frame collection! Even a simple gift can mean so much to the special couple. The blue hues of Royal Check are inspired by the ever-changing waters of Lake Cayuga. The special couple could use the photo frame to display their favourite photo from the day… what an honour! A frame is such a meaningful gift, if you wanted to make this more personal, you could frame the couple's favourite picture. This way, they will smile every time they catch an eye on your gift. Overall, the Royal Check frame is the perfect gift if you want to create a personal and meaningful gift. Discover more about the Royal Check frames here.

Our third gift pick, which is perfect for any couple who loves all things floral, is the Flower Market Vase. This vase is perfect for displaying fresh or faux flowers in any space. The bold floral designs of Flower Marker are perfect for the special couple who love to spend their time in the garden. The fresh blooms of Flower Market are inspired by an English garden in the height of summer. Add a bunch of flowers to the vase to make it a beautiful and personal gift for the special couple. Bonus points if you create a bouquet using the flowers from the wedding. Discover more about the Flower Market Vase here.

Our fourth gift pick is a dual purpose gift that the special couple are sure to love. The Wildflowers Practical Pitcher, is you guessed it, practical and stylish. This product has many uses which makes it the perfect gift to give to the special couple. Of course, this product can be used as a pitcher for the couple's favourite summer beverage (our pick of course is Pimms), the pitcher can also be used to display their favourite flowers, or more importantly, their wedding bouquet. The list of possibilities with this product is endless! We are sure the special couple would love the design and colours of this brand new collection, hence making this the perfect all around gift. Discover more about the Wildflowers Practical Pitcher here.

Our final gift pick are faux flowers. Since the faux flowers are all so beautiful, we couldn’t choose one bunch, so we will talk about the collection as a whole. These flowers are a perfect gift if you want the special couple to remember their special day for years to come. The faux flowers are designed with the iconic checked patterns, this makes them the perfect gift to give with a subtle hint of MacKenzie-Childs. MacKenzie-Childs Faux Flowers make the perfect gifts if you are really unsure with what to gift the special couple, this is a simple gift that is beautifully unique. Discover more about our faux flowers here.

Overall, weddings are such fun and joyous occasions! No matter your budget or the couple's tastes, honour them with a unique gift from MacKenzie-Childs! Did you like this blog post? Let us know your thoughts in the comments, and don’t forget to subscribe to our mailing list and follow us on all the major social media platforms!

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