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International Women's Week - Day 3

It's day 3 of International Women's Week and today we are talking to the lovely Colleen! Colleen works with the team in America so we are honoured to be able to talk to her!

What does MacKenzie-Childs mean to you?

MC is more than a brand or a pattern, it’s a lifestyle. It’s a reminder to live every day to the fullest, be bold and expressive, and to enjoy the small details of life just as much as the big (maybe more!).

What does it mean to you to be a woman working for MacKenzie-Childs?

I am very proud to work alongside some of the smartest and talented women in this industry, something I never take for granted. I’m empowered ever day by the women on our team and I’m always happy to linger after a meeting just to soak up a few extra minutes of their brilliance.

Who is an influential woman in your life?

My mother is my rock; her love and support never waiver. Her optimism is infectious and the love for her family is unparalleled. I want to be sure like her when I grow up. 😊

What is your favorite MacKenzie-Childs product?

My all-time favorite piece is our ceramic Courtly Check Great Vase.

What is your message for International Women’s Week?

Be kind to yourself, be brave, and take chances. You are worth it!

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