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International Women's Week - Day 6

Its day six and today we are talking to our lovely Director, Jill, about what it means to her to work for MacKenzie-Childs! Jill has worked in the industry now for over 25 years and is a true inspiration for the team here in the UK!

What does MacKenzie-Childs mean to you?

The brand evokes joy, colour and confidence. It enhances any interior to bring a smile and creates an eclectic, luxury environment.

What does it mean to you to be a woman working for MacKenzie-Childs?

How exciting to be tasked with promoting a brand created by Rebecca, a woman for our times and for all times, a great visionary artist with a huge element of fun at her core!

Who is an influential woman in your life?

Without doubt my mother, who showed me personal strength, femininity, and love in equal measure, I miss her dearly but am blessed to have in my family, friendship group and work colleagues so many incredible women who possess these qualities in abundance!

What is your favorite MacKenzie-Childs product?

So hard to choose but I think the Ridiculous Bench is the epitome of all of the MacKenzie-Childs craftsmanship in one deliciously over the top piece of furniture – just gorgeous!

What is your message for International Women’s Week?

Women can evoke such positivity and creativity in the world, I hope we can use our strength to continue that path and to help to bring harmony and end discrimination of any sort!

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