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Refreshed, Revitalized Royal Check

Brilliant blue tones paired with warm white squares, the launch of Royal Check in 2019 followed the same iconic and popular pattern of Courtly Check. It has been a hit ever since. As with Courtly Check, the squares are hand painted by artisans. The nature of each piece is slightly different, each item is individual - A reflection of the individual nature of the artisan’s brush and style.

The slight variations in the tones and hues of the blues is known as colour dragging. Using a dry brush to apply the wet glaze on to the items allows different tones and hues to be visible within the checks. It also creates very fine gradual lines in the pattern.

The versatility of Royal Check is stunning. There is a piece for every space in the home and garden. There are the classic pieces such as the kettle (available in two different sizes) and the enamel canisters which provide perfect for storage in any room. In addition, we’ve adorable items such as the Royal Check Salt and Pepper sets - in either squat little shakers or a teapot style to grace any table.

For something more sophisticated, the Royal Check candle holders with their simple elegant lines are perfect for adding that touch of romance to any occasion! If you’re looking for something a little quirkier, look no further than the Royal Check Egg Plate! Perfect for keeping eggs safe in the kitchen and chocolate eggs safe at Easter!

As with every piece of MacKenzie-Childs, you’re only limited by your imagination. We’re all about versatility when it comes to the uses that you can put the products to! Take a Pitcher for example, ideal for cooling drinks outside in the summer, but equally perfect as a vessel to display fresh or imitation flowers to brighten your home. Bring the garden inside when you’re hiding from the weather outside!

For the rest of January 2024 we are offering a free gift with any purchases from the Royal Check collection (over £150). No code is necessary- we will send out the gift automatically!

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