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Stunning Sterling Check!

Grey isn’t always considered to be positive- ‘grey and miserable’- but Sterling Check by MacKenzie-Childs is the exception! Launched in 2022 this pattern has been a firm favourite ever since. Colour dragged grey and white tones of this collection ensure that is the perfect complement to any home design style and theme. Who doesn’t love grey and white checks?

Every eye catching piece that you would expect to see in a MacKenzie-Childs check collection is present- from the tea kettle to the canisters.  And we love them in the cool tones of this collection. The enamelware in the enamel collections are made from sheets of heavy-gauge steel- plates are pressed from the stamped steel, while items such as kettles formed when the steel is pressed and stretched on a lathe. Additional accents such as handles are welded on later.  This blank ware is then hand painted with MacKenzie-Childs signature patterns and styles. Every piece is a unique piece of art for your home.

The core belief of MacKenzie-Childs is about finding positivity and optimism in daily life. Their products are designed to enhance daily life. The positive nature of Sterling check is the way that it enhances everything around it; flowers look brighter and food looks tastier!


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