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Wonderful Wildflowers!

Wildflowers is a bright floral pattern with a cream background and coloured spot detailing. The Wildflowers Collection invokes memories of pressed flowers and cottage gardens in full bloom. As with all MacKenzie-Childs these hand-finished and hand painted items provide focal points in any room.  While it is bright and cheerful, it works with the color dragged tones of the other collections, meaning that Wildflowers coordinates wonderfully with other MacKenzie-Childs collections.

Within the Wildflower Enamel collection are the classic pieces synonymous with MacKenzie-Childs- canisters in three sizes and a beautiful kettle. We also have the pitchers (available in two different sizes)- ideal for lemonade in the summer- cocktails in the winter and cut flowers the rest of the time! Versatile and beautiful!

Reminiscent of warmer days filled with flowers we love the Wildflower ceramic collections. From Berry Baskets to Salt and Pepper shakers, these are the perfect table accessories! Don’t forget to include Wildflowers in the Kitchen! Spoon rests are ideal for keeping little spills from the worksurface and a bring that fresh citrus zing to your cooking with our Wildflower juicer!

Raising a cup to tea (or coffee) to warmer floral days!

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