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Creating Unique Collections

Updated: May 31, 2022

When purchasing MacKenzie-Childs, it might seem obvious to purchase products from just one collection. We want to show you today, whether your an avid MacKenzie fan or just starting your collection, it's always better to mix and match patterns! We have listed our favourite patterns to mix and match to create a unique collection for your home!

MacKenzie-Childs have 9 wonderful and very unique patterns:

  • Courtly Check

  • Sterling Check

  • Royal Check

  • Parchment Check

  • Flower Market White

  • Flower Market Black

  • Flower Market Green

  • Flower Market Lapis

  • Thistle & Bee

Here are our favourite pattern combinations:

Courtly Check and Sterling Check

Why not consider mixing our most iconic collection and our newest collection? Sterling Check is inspired for a modern home with a muted palate with touches of yellow and blue. Mixing Sterling Check and Courtly Check in your kitchen will create a thoroughly modern collection that is sure to turn heads!

Victoria, one of our lovely Customer Services Advisor had to say this about the collection -

"Courtly Check is my favorite pattern so I was super excited when Sterling Check was launched. Being able to mix both collections has been amazing, these collections compliment each other beautifully!"

Sterling Check and Royal Check

If you're not a fan of of Courtly Check or it doesn't match your colour scheme, why not mix Sterling Check with Royal Check? The blue tones in Sterling Check perfectly complement the true blue hues of Royal Check to create a brighter and bolder collection for your home!

Courtly Check and Flower Market White

If you wanted to create a bold collection, mixing Courtly Check and Flower Market White is the way to go! Flower Market is inspired by an English Summer Garden in full bloom. It's clean and sophisticated style mixes perfectly with classy style of Courtly Check to create a fresh and bold style for your kitchen.

Royal Check and Parchment Check

If Courtly Check isn't preferred pattern or you prefer something different, why not mix Parchment Check with Royal Check? Parchment Check is a calmer and muted variation of Courtly Check and pairs perfectly with Royal Check to create a calm yet bold collection for any kitchen.

Courtly Check and Flower Market Green

If you're looking for something different to Flower Market White, why not mix Courtly Check with Flower Market Green? The glorious bright colours team with the bold flowers make Flower Market Green a quirky pattern. Courtly Check teamed with Flower Market Green will create a truly unique and iconic collection.

Sterling Check and Flower Market Black

Flower Market is the dramatic pattern of the Flower Market family, its deep colour allows the flowers to become more prominent. Mixing Flower Market Black with Sterling Check will allow you to create thoroughly modern and sophisticated collection, allowing your kitchen to stand out.

Royal Check and Flower Market Lapis

Feeling blue? Don't worry, these patterns will bring joy to your kitchen! Flower Market Lapis and Royal Check go together like strawberries and cream, in fact, they are just made for each other! These patterns compliment each other beautifully, allowing you to display both Checks and Flowers in your home.

Royal Check and Flower Market White

If you're not a fan of Flower Market Lapis or if you want to mix in some white, this is the combo for you. Brighten up the true blue hues of Royal Check with Flower Market White. The bloom of Flower Market White teamed with Royal Check will ensure your kitchen is ready for summer, all year round!

All the Flower Market Collections

If you're not a fan of the checked patterns or they don't fit with the style of your kitchen, why not consider mixing the Flower Market patterns? The light and dark tones of Flower Market Black and White compliment each other beautifully. Try mixing in a touch of Flower Market Green or Lapis to add some color. Available in for colours, there are so many ways to add the brightness of an English Summer Garden to your home!

Courtly Check and Thistle & Bee

If you love the ceramic collections we have to offer, why not combine the enamel Courtly Check with the calm and relaxed Thistle & Bee collection. Using a range of tableware from these collections will allow you to create the perfect summer style, all year round!

Rachel, another of our lovely Customer Services Advisor had to say this about the collection -

"I love the combination of Thistle & Bee and Courtly Check, these collections together create the perfect summer style. I love to use both collections for outdoor dining. The use of the Thistle & Bee links back to nature. It's the perfect summer combo!"

We would love to see your MacKenzie-Childs Collections! Send us your pictures to to be in with a chance to be featured on our Social Media accounts!

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